I'm a trend-conscious social marketer with a passion for tech. I'm never more than a few minutes out of the loop with the latest in tech and social media. Android and general mobile is my bread and butter but my interests range from smart home to gaming, self-driving cars to virtual/augmented reality and more.

My experience in digital marketing is centered around social. My past roles have ranged from full scale management of social including content creation, strategy, realtime engagement, social listening, paid social and more. My most recent role has had me shift gears to leading a team to specialize in more focused areas of improving brand social experiences through engagement, consumer insights, tool deployment, vendor vetting and management and general cross-team and regional collaboration.

I spend my free time training in martial arts, I'm a third degree black belt in American Martial Arts and I taught for five years back in Michigan. More recently I've spent some time on mentoring partially through my seat on the Alumni Board of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. Recently I've begun self-guided learning on more technical skills including mobile and web development (Like coding this site) and product management.

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Social Media

Social Media

Social is a constantly changing field and this pattern is moving outwards to affect all forms of digital marketing. Realtime content and brand responsiveness is something that is expanding beyond just Facebook and Twitter, it's a mindset that needs to be observed across the full marketing mix.

Consumer Electronics

I've always been plugged in to the industry to be among the first in the know with new developments. I spend a lot of my free time testing, reviewing, and modding devices. My favorite area is mobile (smartphones, tablets and wearables) and specifically Android devices.

Consumer Electronics

Product Management

Spending my time on the front lines for big and small brands I’ve always found myself acting as the voice of the users and the community whether that’s inside the company to advocate and work with teams in making our work better. Growing beyond social marketing I've taken that same approach to my philosophy in building great products.