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Social Media


Facebook Highlights
  • Details available upon request.

August Home

August Home Highlights
  • Increased SMU by 12% in Q317 and 15% Q417 (vs. 3.5% growth in Q2).
  • Decreased negative sentiment by over 60% in Q4 2017.
  • Drove a 90% increase in UGC in Q4 2017.


LeEco Highlights
  • Drove brand response rate and times across to the 90th percentile among competitive social brands.
  • Built a community from the ground up for LeEco.
  • Grew SMU from 15k to >400k in 6 months through organic and paid social.


Adobe Highlights
  • Increased SMU >20% annually.
  • Drove Instagram content for Creative Cloud & Adobe Students and drove exponential growth as a priority channel for the company.

Media Sandbox

Media Sandbox Highlights
  • Increased SMU 500% organically.
  • Increased average weekly Facebook reach 2500%-3000% organically.

Jay Hudson/89X

Jay Hudson and 89X Highlights
  • Consulted on overall social media brand strategy.
  • Enacted Live Promotion Strategies.


ASUS CampusLife

Videos I've done for CampusLife include videos I've shot and produced on my own and videos that I have hosted at CES. I've done videos of product demonstrations, software demos, and interviews.

Personal YouTube

I occasionally make videos for my personal YouTube channel mainly focused on Android devices and software updates.

Tech Info Team

I was previously involved with this group who did a Technology/Electronics podcast, videos, and reviews. I was the resident Android expert.

American Martial Arts

This is a video I directed, produced, and edited for the Sports Club of West Bloomfield with very limited resources. The majority of the video was provided cellphone-shot footage.

ASUS CampusLife

This is a video I directed, produced, edited, and hosted as part of an overall promotion for ASUS CampusLife in 2013.


Adobe Blog


I wrote one piece for the Adobe Creative Cloud blog highlighting the outcome of a social partnership we worked on with Marvel Comics.

ASUS CampusLife

ASUS CampusLife

My writing for CampusLife includes news, product reviews, event coverage, and editorials. I was the Blog Team Leader for the CampusLife program.

My Brain on Android

My Brain on Android

I briefly maintained this personal blog on Android and Android related topics. This is an example of more editorial content specifically on my area of interest.

Other Skills



  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Android Dev Tools
  • Autodesk Maya
  • AVID ProTools
  • Final Cut Pro



  • Synthesio, Spredfast, Sprout Social, Native Insights tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Basic SQL

Web Design


  • Intermediate HTML & CSS
  • Basic Javascript
  • Development Frameworks
  • Responsive Design for Mobile
  • Wordpress

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