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Social Media


Facebook Highlights
  • Details available upon request.

August Home

August Home Highlights
  • Increased SMU by 12% in Q317 and 15% Q417 (vs. 3.5% growth in Q2).
  • Decreased negative sentiment by over 60% in Q4 2017.
  • Drove a 90% increase in UGC in Q4 2017.


LeEco Highlights
  • Drove brand response rate and times across to the 90th percentile among competitive social brands.
  • Built a community from the ground up for LeEco.
  • Grew SMU from 15k to >400k in 6 months through organic and paid social.


Adobe Highlights
  • Increased SMU >20% annually.
  • Drove Instagram content for Creative Cloud & Adobe Students and drove exponential growth as a priority channel for the company.

Media Sandbox

Media Sandbox Highlights
  • Increased SMU 500% organically.
  • Increased average weekly Facebook reach 2500%-3000% organically.

Jay Hudson/89X

Jay Hudson and 89X Highlights
  • Consulted on overall social media brand strategy.
  • Enacted Live Promotion Strategies.


ASUS CampusLife

Videos I've done for CampusLife include videos I've shot and produced on my own and videos that I have hosted at CES. I've done videos of product demonstrations, software demos, and interviews.

Personal YouTube

I occasionally make videos for my personal YouTube channel mainly focused on Android devices and software updates.

Tech Info Team

I was previously involved with this group who did a Technology/Electronics podcast, videos, and reviews. I was the resident Android expert.

American Martial Arts

This is a video I directed, produced, and edited for the Sports Club of West Bloomfield with very limited resources. The majority of the video was provided cellphone-shot footage.

ASUS CampusLife

This is a video I directed, produced, edited, and hosted as part of an overall promotion for ASUS CampusLife in 2013.


2013 MAB Aircheck


This aircheck received the honorable mention for the 2013 MAB College Radio Awards. Self-recorded and produced.

Impact Alternative Promo


Self-produced and recorded 60 Second Promo for "Impact Alternative".

Impact Top 89 of 2012


These excerpts are from the 2012 Top 89 songs of the year countdown for New Years Day. I Directed, Co-Hosted, and Produced the countdown.


Adobe Blog


I wrote one piece for the Adobe Creative Cloud blog highlighting the outcome of a social partnership we worked on with Marvel Comics.

ASUS CampusLife

ASUS CampusLife

My writing for CampusLife includes news, product reviews, event coverage, and editorials. I was the Blog Team Leader for the CampusLife program.

My Brain on Android

My Brain on Android

I briefly maintained this personal blog on Android and Android related topics. This is an example of more editorial content specifically on my area of interest.

Other Skills



  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Android Dev Tools
  • Autodesk Maya
  • AVID ProTools
  • Final Cut Pro



  • Synthesio, Spredfast, Sprout Social, Native Insights tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Basic SQL

Web Design


  • Intermediate HTML & CSS
  • Basic Javascript
  • Development Frameworks
  • Responsive Design for Mobile
  • Wordpress

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